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Cities represent the genesis and evolution of a civilisation. They represent the pinnacle of country’s progress. However, most cities have turned into urban sprawls. The cities of the future will be a harmonised blend of its history, character, its people and the environment. CSM is helping city governments in making this possible through its Smart City suite of products and services.

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CSM's Smart City Suite offer solutions for the facilitation of government and citizens' synergy.

The system helps in streamlining and automating business licensing processes while assisting business to setup quickly by reducing paperwork, and minimizing phone-based citizen inquiries. The platform not only increases process efficiency but also brings in transparency and accountability facilitating Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) for smart cities.

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The digital platform provides a smoother integration and delivery of citizen-centric functions spanning across mobility, common payment systems, utilities and services. This not only helps in maintaining transparency and making it easier for people to book the public utilities but also ensures that the city’s resources are put to optimal use.

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Through this system the government can easily levy property tax by encouraging accountability and transparency of the ULBs to their citizens. The significant task of levying tax is smoothly tracked and monitored, serviced and managed well in an integrated manner.

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The end-to-end solutions is a great relief for the applicant to register their marriage online from the comfort of their home without any hitches. This solution is a part of registration and management of citizen-centric services which also reduces the burden on the marriage registrar’s office dealing with consumer enquiries.

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