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The suite of solutions in the land and industry domain is a complete package that ensures seamless, paperless and contactless systems for different stakeholders like city governments, investors, land developers and Greenfield projects for better efficiency and transparency. This ensures ease of doing business for promoting better investment possibilities.

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CSM’s e-Governance solutions are time-tested and grounded, and it always is hard-coded to benefit the end-user – citizen and/or the government .


Automated Post Allotment Application (APAA) facilitate online registrations, applications for any post allotment matters, online payments, application tracking and processing activities and provide Ease of Doing Business (EODB) and bolstering industrial growth.



Land is a scarce and limited resource, which cannot be multiplied. It is a valuable basis for livelihood and for economic or ecological development.


Single window services

Single Window is a trade facilitation idea. Ethiopia is ranked 159 among 190 economies in the ease of  doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.



Solutions in the domain of Land and Industry are based on agile methodology and cater to the need-based requirement of the issue at hand. Our suite of end-to-end solutions and project management are for investor facilitation and Green field projects ensuring ease of doing business.

The system that streamlines the whole process of managing land resources to meet the need of land holding agencies, townships and industrials complexes. The paperless end- to end solution is highly customizable and modular in its approach. The customer friendly dashboard ensures transparency both for the agencies and their clients.

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A one-stop solution for investor facilitation which takes care of all required services during the investment life cycle of a project. The system enables to improve your Ease of Doing Business ranking through a time-bound, paperless and transparent process.

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For bigger organizations managing daily activities of huge infra projects manually is a very tough and tedious task . So most of these organizations realized the need of an e-project monitoring tool that can help to automate the processes as well as monitor the different projects simultaneously. CSM with its expertise of web development designed and develop “Web based Project monitoring tool & MIS System” which is fully service oriented with MVC architecture so as to get integrated with any other application.

The system is a one of its kind tool that takes care of all the parameters of building plan starting from multiple levels approvals, monitoring to certification. All the process are automated with a unique mix of technology to bring in ease for the stakeholders.

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The system provides all the information vital for planning, managing and monitoring of CSR under one unified platform facilitating implementing agencies & financial institution to strategically invest in the social development projects. It is beneficial to prioritize the existing needs and understand the challenges to mobilize resources.

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To ensure high performance and to automate the process of town planning, there was a need to help applicants apply for planning permission in planning Areas/ through an online portal and allow officials to grant those applications in a few clicks. The Town and Country Planning Department portal provides a facility to apply online applications for permission to plan and construct. The applicants can register and apply online to get permission of Planning along with a reference number to know its status.

PAMS helps the citizens to avail pre- allotment activities like view the advertisements, download brochure, apply for properties, online payment of EMD etc. Allotment activities like scrutiny of applications, lottery, provisional allotment, online payment etc. can also be done by the applicants online through this service. Post allotment activities like due generate, NOC, deed generate, tripartite agreement, mutation and conversion upload are also can be done through PAMS.

Grievance Redressal System is an integral part of any administration. No administration can claim to be accountable, responsive and user-friendly unless it has established an efficient grievance redress mechanism.

A citizen-centric approach towards service delivery is an essential part for any effective governing body to get the best out of investments in the e-governance field. Maximizing this concept, MCMP is a complete package in itself. It combines a smart responsive mobile app, an informative action oriented website and an efficient call center.

The smart solution helps in gathering, managing and analyzing data related to inspection. This facilitates all the stakeholders in translating the data into cost effective decisions for an efficient compliance and quality management.

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Tax Collection Monitoring has always been a grey area. The entire process of payment of tax was done manually. It became more and more difficult with time to track the taxes paid as no proper records were maintained. This led to the need of an online system wherein the citizens could pay taxes conveniently and also digitized records could be easily generated. Thus, CSM with its e-Gov expertise created a portal which not only made the entire process online but also transparent leading to more revenue collection.

Performance management, monitoring and evaluation are critical elements utilized by the city to improve organizational and individual performance and to enhance service delivery. During the course of years, CSM has developed many e-Governance Solutions having interactive Dashboards for various government agencies and different organizations. These systems facilitate integration between strategic planning and performance management by linking the solutions/services to indicators and targets that can be used to measure performance – like Social, Service, Environmental and Economic performance.

Proper management of waste is essential for building sustainable and livable cities. Solving civic issues is like fixing the nuts and bolts of our democracy. CSM solved this biggest problem for Bhubaneswar Municipality by developing a unique solution for solid waste management called -My City My Pride. This provides the Government/Agencies and Citizens/Denizens to work in-tandem towards easy and hassle-free means of registering their complaints. As well as ensure quick redressal so as to enable real time tracking of the complaints.

The system facilitates customers and investors to get approvals and update their plans easily through an automated workflow saving lot of time and effort in visiting different departments. The product is built to complete the loop, in conjunction with the land allotment system in the land and industry suite.

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