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Social Media Management Tool

Social Media serves the purpose of public information dissemination of one to many. In the process, it helps curb many bottlenecks of traditional media utilization.

However, when information is exposed to the public in two-way communication, there is an opportunity of voicing complaints, queries, feedback, responses et al. Listening to these voices and their effective management gives an edge on digital media usage. Secondly, competing with the traditional media for marketing needs expertise and know-how on the management of information. Also, there is the new buzz word - Analytics.


- our Social media management tool

Provides an IT-based system for approvals of suggested content, including recording revisions and responses from appropriate authorities. It facilitates a collection and management of these responses from the social media of multiple accounts to a centralized console to listen, analyze, categorize and take appropriate action on them. The content itself follows a defined workflow and approval process so that it could be reviewed/changed/modified by appropriate authorized personnel before getting published. The salient features that Sociomatic satisfies

  • User creation and workflow management allowing rights-based access
  • 3-level Publishing workflow management
  • Console for handling campaigns/pages of Events/seminars/workshops/press release
  • Response Moderation tool of user comments/feedbacks/suggestion and Responses
  • Effectiveness Analysis Report
  • Campaign optimization features and services to boost social advertising performance
  • Reduce redundancy of similar-content posts and expedite approvals through alert-based post routing mechanism.
  • Manage platform access for a growing team of employees, contractors, and agency partners without sharing passwords.

Sociomatic comes integrated with an Analytics & Reporting module that listens and analyzes any trend based on various configurable parameters. Few indicative reporting structures that Sociomatic is equipped with -

  • Website Analytics
  • Unique visitors’ demographic distribution and their pattern of use
  • Trend and Sentiment Analysis
  • Casual report for Traffic Fall-out and recommendations based on machine interpretation


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