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Seed Certification Issuance System

Seed certification system centrally manage and co-ordinate seed export and import process.

Seed certification is a legally sanctioned system for quality control of seed multiplication and production which helps in protecting the country’s agriculture from pests and diseases assuring the quality of agricultural inputs and produce. Seed Certification is well defined by practice and law in the country that ensures promotion of good quality of seeds in markets.

The present day challenges faced by the agricultural community in any country are multi-pronged in nature and need to be viewed in relation to several qualitative aspects which majorly involve regulating the seed variety that are being used by the farming community.


Seed Certification Issuance System

CSM has developed a comprehensive Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection system to centrally manage and co-ordinate seed export and import process. The system ensures greater operational autonomy and transparency that leads to a more inclusive approach to key stakeholders such as the seed growers, seed merchants, seed sellers etc.

Some of the major modules that will be a part of the system include:

  • Seed Certification module: Through this module the concerned parties (applicants) apply for seed certificate and the transactions pertaining to the same are processed.
  • Seed Merchant module: This module allows the seed merchant to perform several key functions such as raise request for field inspection or re-inspection, view the inspection reports, take requisition for import or export notice etc.
  • Seed Seller module: The seed seller module basically equips the seed selling entities to receive notification with regard to registrations and renewals. Through this module, the seller shall be able to manage the payment receipts against renewals and registrations.
  • Seed Grower module: The seed growing entities receive important notifications through this module and in addition by this the seed grower to register, apply for renewals, view inspection reports among other.
  • Finance Module: Processes related to management of Fees and pro forma information shall be handled by this module.
  • Seed testing module: The concerned organization can sample, test the local or imported seeds and auto-generate seed testing reports.

Seed Certification system not only brings in transparency for the Government and the farmers but also helps the beneficiaries to have easy access to avail the Seed Certification electronically, helps the client to track and monitor the certified seeds and lastly aware the beneficiaries about seed certification and plant variety protection.


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