Integrated Labour Market & Recruitment System

CSM Technologies

The labour market and recruitment ecosystem has undergone seismic changes over the past few years. Post the outbreak of the Covid pandemic that has disrupted the workplace ecosystem, the need for digital transformation is felt more now than ever before. While the situation has generated demand for people with digital skills, it has simultaneously triggered the need for a digitally interconnected system that integrates both demand and supply components of the recruitment chain. Today, most nations, especially the developing ones and the sub-Saharan African countries have put in place only basic level Labour Market Information Systems. Such systems are deficient as they at best cater to the needs of government offices and academic researchers. Other actors in the system like recruiters, job seekers, agencies providing professional upskilling services and job market intermediaries feel unconnected.

To overcome the lacunae in the system, CSM Technologies has developed a concept note- a one-stop solution that manages the entire labour & recruitment process cycle. Leveraging the power of ‘Big Data & Analytics’, we are developing a ‘real time’, seamless solution that automates the value chain. The interconnected system gathers and analyses labour market information, scours a multitude of online job offers and employee profiles and extracts key information on evolution in skills availability, shortages and emerging employment opportunities in an array of sectors.

CSM Technologies

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