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Paddy Procurement System

Paddy Procurement Automation System , an e governance process has put in place an efficient system of procuring paddy and paying farmers their MSP through direct fund transfer witin 72 hours.

Paddy Procurement Automation System (P-PAS) which has been in operation since 2014 is a web-based application where all transactions at a PACS are executed through computer both online and offline mode. It uses the verified and updated database of Farmer Registration module as its input. Documents like Advance Token (given to farmers during registration as to when to come to PACS for sale of paddy), Vendor Receipt (given to farmers as proof of receipt of certain quantity of paddy); Transit Pass cum Acceptance (AC) Note (both given to Millers) are generated from the system. Paddy Purchase Register is generated from the system. Payment Advice is generated by local District Central Cooperative Banks and cost of paddy is credited directly to the account of farmers.

The Secretary of the society where paddy procurement is done in offline mode sync it with central server on regular basis through the Data Entry Officer assigned to the society. As the Rice receipt from millers is accounted for the purpose of PDS distribution, the PPAS is now integrated with the supply chain management system running in all the Depots managed by OSCSC. There is a tight integration between the two systems where the DC generated from the food Odisha portal is cross examined at the depot through SCMS. Similarly the rice issued from the Depot to the Fair Price shop is managed in the SCMS against the allotment order.


The P-PAS application was developed such a way that the same can be used in offline mode in those areas where there is limited or no internet connectivity available. The offline data gets synched to central server on regular interval of time. Similarly the master data also gets downloaded to those offline systems regularly.

There is a strong MIS and transparency portal to cater to the needs of different cross section of stakeholders. The MIS reports are automatically updated and made available to the users and the inspecting officers at different levels on real-time basis to make the monitoring and status-tracking effective. The system makes the summarized information on the transactions at the PPC on daily basis and is available to the concerned officials through SMS alerts.


Digital signature:Digital Signature Certificates are provided to all secretaries of PACS. The system asks the users to sign the data file before uploading in the central server. The central application also checks if the file is digitally signed by the competent person and is un-tempered before merging them in the database.

Farmer Registration form in Odia:The registration form is provided in Odia language for the ease of use of farmers at remote location. Demographic data has been provided in Odia font. Data is also captured in Odia for readability of farmers. On behalf of farmers, societies fill the forms so it doesn’t matter if the farmer is disabled. They only have to produce the physical documents for verification to the societies.

The citizen centric reports like vendor receipt are available in local language Odia. SMS Alerts are sent to farmers on sale and on credit of amount in their account.



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