Governments, and more importantly, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), employ large numbers of people. Where companies with a low personnel count can be managed with ease, large-size organizations such as ULBs require a professional system. Age-old methods like record book-keeping and punch card systems were highly rudimentary and error prone. Managing staff efficiently and gaining the maximum productivity out of them is a key responsibility for any organization.

The Portal offers the following features:

  • Master Database: Personnel information including contact data, family, work and transfers; education details; technical qualifications; tests and certification data
  • Employee Data Management: Data management of staff information, definition of employee types (permanent/temporary / contract) and staffing history
  • Position Management: Scheduling manpower, planning shifts etc.
  • Recruitment Management: track openings, schedule interviews, record resumes, track interview results
  • Performance Management: Set position-specific KRA’s and targets, various appraisal model, end to end appraisal process and time-based increments
  • Compensation Management: Setting up health, leave, insurance benefits for employees, benefits programs and plans based on base, grade, years of service and track employee’s coverage and coverage level based on their position/grade
  • Transfers and Promotions: Define rules for promotion, eligibility in terms of tenure, consistent achievement of high-performance grades, promotion/rejection workflow and notifications maintenance of transfer records, officers transferred out of parent state, officers to be transferred back to home state, specialist transfers, identification of vacancies, transfer/ redeployment based on requirement and sanction strength of different regions/zones
  • Manage Employee Payrolls: Lack of manual intervention ensures 100% accuracy
  • Manage Salary and Benefits by Grade: Payroll can be managed for all types of employees for all grades/classes
  • Manage Salary Advances: Seamless processing of advance of salary via integration of Attendance data and Salary rules
  • Auto-Generated Pay Slips: A simplified downloadable payslip can be generated for all employees with a single click
  • Pension and Benefit Management: Getting insights into your financial liabilities will lead to better financial management. Get pension and benefits related data on your fingertips.
  • Manage Variables: Manage all variables including overtime, sick pay and deduction of tax at source
  • Time and Leave Management: Linking leave management to payroll and leave encashment and attendance and entry data via biometric devices, smart cards and swipe cards leave calendars

Onboarding onto CSM’s HRMIS & Payroll portal will not only improve staffing efficiency to a great extent but also lead to greater employee satisfaction. Stay in charge of your entire employee base online with auto-updated employee performance records and career progressions with our comprehensive employee management system.

CSM’s portal streamlines payroll calculation and management while eliminating paycheck errors. All relevant documentation is auto generated and stored using Automated records management for easier auditing. Our fully integrated HR management system is highly configurable and can get easily assimilated into your existing system with basic training.
HRMIS & Payroll Service Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies HRMIS & Payroll Service Flow Diagram - CSM Technologies
CSM Technologies

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