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Minerals being a major natural resource represent the wealth of a region where they exist and open up wide scopes for the prosperity of the region. Mining is always a national issue that is state/province regulated. This gives rise to several regulations that require compliance before any of the stakeholders – from the governments to the licensees – can get their returns of the Natural resources of a region.

Hence Mining becomes the spotlight of digital interventions. However, there are few who provide a complete end–to–end solution to various aspects of the Mining and the Minerals industry. CSM's solutions are testimonials that complex processes can also be tamed to reap benefits if amicably implemented.

To regulate & administer the mining activity at the grass-root level ensuring complete transparency in the sector, it was extremely important to have real-time information on the amount produced, transported & receipt of Mineral Ore. Check gates were required to check illegal Mining and Transportation as a large number of trucks ply. This realization led to the development of myriad kinds of IT interventions to not only regulate but also curb illegalities in the entire process from the beginning till the end.


I3MS (Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System)

However, CSM's vision was not limited to plugging the glaring bottlenecks; they conceptualized and developed a turnkey solution for the management of minerals with the state of Odisha as a first implementation. I3MS (Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System) broke the stringent barriers of an embezzled manual system of mining sector into a simple end to end automated tracking of mineral ore from source till Rail, Port & Industry that was very useful in monitoring of production, dispatch, and transportation of minerals on a real-time basis.

For I3MS to become an end-to-end solution, it requires to integrate with various processes that necessarily do not remain a state/regional issue. Compliance from various stakeholders is an essential aspect of mining in every part of the world. The compliances may become extremely difficult to apply as well as manage if not IT-driven. CSM's Compliance Management System looks into just thatLogistics Management ensures minimum to zero pilferage in the Mineral transportation process starting from the site of excavation to the industry or area of shipment. RFID tags, GIS monitoring, and Drones come handy in integrating with I3MS to give a real-time update on mineral transfer. This coupled with the Infrastructure management system makes the entire cycle complete.

Where there is mining, there are acute problems faced by the Resident Community, in terms of vehicular pollution, increasing traffic jams, ever-deteriorating dust and road conditions. A part of royalty is apportioned for the development of these regions. The management of these funds and their utilization is a tricky affair, made easy with the DMF Monitoring system of CSM. To bring transparency in the utilization of this fund and the assets created, CSM combines all kinds of Data from the various solutions and uses Analytics to generate decision-making conclusions using Integrated Portal Systems.


CSM’s mining solutions have been a big bang in providing exactly what was needed in the hour. We have been able to build up our portfolio over the multiple implementations over the years.

Integrated Mines and Mineral Management System (i3MS) developed by CSM helps in monitoring of production, dispatch and transportation of minerals on real-time basis thus , bringing in transparency and effectiveness in mineral administration by minimizing the possibility of illegal mining and unauthorized transport of minerals.

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Mineral transportation is always full of embezzled, it needs real-time monitoring from the point of excavation to the end point CSM’s solutions helps in providing the right infrastructure management at check points to make the process transparent and error-free.

Online Mineral Auctioning system played a major role in bringing greater transparency in allocations of mines. We have successfully implemented the process at Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India where mining leases are granted through e-auctioning.

An Enterprise Business Solution to address regulatory compliances of environmental & forest clearance, consent/approvals of mining and other excavation activities, while providing a repository of environment data useful for compliance reporting.

DMF are trusts which work as a non-profit body in the districts affected by mining. The portal automates most of the manual processes and makes collection & utilization of mining royalty both scalable & accountable. It brings down transparency in tracking physical and financial growth of social welfare schemes implemented through the Foundation. It is integrated with I3MS for collecting data.

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