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Medicines and other pharmaceutical supply chain is uniquely complex due to several factors. Visibility of the demand and the efficient on-time supply being one of the major challenges.

Previously little known distributors and middlemen now regularly receive attention, highlighting how the line between drug-maker and patient is rarely straight. Making this work is Med-SCM. Specifically designed for medicines, it ensures clarity of the requirement at the various health centers and the time for meeting it. This brings visibility and checks on wastage. The application automated the process of procurement, distribution & quality control of the medicines that are the other more pressing challenges in the Healthcare sector.

Med-SCM works in a typical Procurement agency, Distributor and Warehousing workflow. The role of a procurement agency is obtaining & supplying medicines across the healthcare units in question. The solution builds supplier profiles, schedules the requirement and delivery coordinates, and in case of government procurement also issues tenders/contracts for transparency.

Med-SCM starts from the requisition issue for medicines and other pharmaceutical products. These indents follow a process of compilation and issue of order to suppliers(s) and manufacturer(s), via the embedded but configurable workflow of Med-SCM. The user-access rights ensure the division of labor and efficiency in the management.


Odisha State Medical Corporation Limited (OSMCL)

The management of Warehouses for medicines is another tricky challenge that needs constant monitoring and complete intervention from ensuring the fail-safe measures of storage to the smooth and transparent delivery in and out of them. Med-SCM keeps a check on all the ensuing processes to ensure smooth supply to health facilities.

Logistics is another process in Medicine supply that requires deliberation and QA check on the modes used, their safety standards, the final destination profiling and estimated time to supply. Med-SCM automates and re-engineers these processes to increase efficiency and reduce time-to-deliver.


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