Learning and Developement

Business Development Programs

Govt Procurement

Session on Govt. Procurement guideline and IT Gov-Tech best practices to talk about the Model RFP, GFR & CVC guideline a

Emerging Technology Programs


Understanding Microservice Architectural Patterns, the collection of services that help client to solve a larger complex

Upskilling Programs

Linux Server Administration

Sharpening the present Linux knowledge for next level solutions in Apache, OVS, Docker, Open Daylight, Kubernetes, OpenS

Upskilling Programs


Learning to build a strong digital fortress for our customer data by understanding the multiple facets of Oracle such as

Business Development Programs

ERP Solution

Understanding how ERP can address issues of large and small organizations in Open Standards, adopting to the new Emergin

Emerging Technology Programs


Workshop on RPA Robotic Process Automation to talk about its importance and fitment in use cases of various verticals vi

Industry 4.0 for Mining: CSM Technologies

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