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Land Management System

e-LMS is a Single Window Interface for Investors to apply for Land Allotment. It automates a gamut of pre & post land allotment services, thus enhancing transparency and promoting Ease of Doing Business.

Land is a valuable asset. Its value increases with appropriate management of information related to it. Instead of traditional paperwork for land allotment management that is no longer an effective way owing to its time-consuming and lengthy nature, CSM's e-LMS solutions ensure simplification, accuracy & transparency of this process. e-LMS is a comprehensive land management system that can manage all land acquisition-related activities and consolidate all land-related data into a single system to maximize its benefits.

t is an intelligent mix of GIS (Geographic Information System) and MIS (Management Information System) which can be used to manage, update and monitor land-related data & information. It can also store Govt. records like deeds, Plot maps, Non-encumbrance certificate, etc. This highly customizable software can also be integrated with map engines like Google Map, Bing Map, Google Earth etc.


e-LMS of CSM creates a solution around these requirements

A typical land allotment system starts with the digitization of the applications for land requisitioning. The authentication, verification, and validation of the necessary documents, however, requires the creation of government e-Vaults, multi-tier security and a dynamic workflow mechanism to ensure transparency. The e-LMS of CSM creates a solution around these requirements, all the while providing a user-friendly tool to access information regarding legislative land development applications.

CSM's e-LMS is interlaced with the e-Auction system, wherever applicable. If plugged on, the e-Auction ensures the determination of land/plots that come under its purview and their complete bidding process.

Last but never the least, e-LMS also encapsulates a Project Monitoring system that brings all the stakeholders - Architects, Owners, Government bodies and PMCs to one platform through seamless notifications and alert systems. This helps keep track of the work-in-progress. e-LMS also ensures intelligent and informed projections via a BI-enabled dashboard to ensure effective implementation of plans and programs


  • Property disputes make up about two-thirds of all civil cases in the country. e-LMS led e-governance systems for maintenance of land records will enhance transparency, thus mitigating land disputes and frauds. With over 22 million cases pending in district courts today, this might go a long way in easing off the load from India's strained judicial system.
  • Beyond using data and technology to provide better public services, real-time data analytics can help governments make quicker and more effective policy, investment and infrastructure decisions.



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