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I3MS tracks the entire mining activities from statutory permits, clearances, renewals to recording. Each and every transaction of mining lessee and licensee to real time monitoring of production, dispatch and movement of minerals is taken care of by the system.

With mines and minerals assuming a pivotal role in the making of any nation's economy, it is all the more required to let IT plug the gaps and bring in transparency and order. A system looking after mines and minerals need to be robust, secured and operating at zero downtime to monitor the various operational as well as commercial implications of the mining industry at the ground.

Rife with manifold bottlenecks, irregularities, and risks of operational concerns, the mining sector remains one of the few key domains of national importance which needs to be sufficiently conducive to practices that enhance the productivity & inclusiveness, cut down overages and promote the ease of undertaking mining operations for old and new players alike. Moreover, the fact remains that the multitude of primary stakeholders involved with the mining processes further aggravates the risks that are involved and hence requires due diligence on the part of the regulating entities and action taking authorities. The policy-making and monitoring activities being undertaken at the highest level of the state machinery for the proper auditing of the mining operations also need a certain level of face-lift through the incorporation of IT/ITeS/ICT intervention in the existing workflow.

Integrated Mines and Mineral Management System (i3MS) is an endeavor on the part of CSM that attempts at bringing more parity to the numerous overheads and regulatory, legal and environmental constraints; the objective being able to render the mining processes operationally leak-proof and highly productive. I3MS acts as a key component that will oversee and streamline the entire process of mineral transaction with minimal disruption to the existing order.


I3MS (Integrated Mines & Mineral Management System)

The project connects all stakeholders primarily to the authority dealing with the mineral production, the directorates overlooking the ancillary aspects of mining, law enforcement authorities, and all administrative offices in the government jurisdiction area. The system also integrates with the logistic authorities whichever applicable – Ports, Railways, Road Transport, etc. that regulates and checks pilferage during the transportation of minerals from the mines to the market. I3MS also creates a profile of all lessees and licensees for ease of doing business.

Mining deals with data. Securing this data through a closely monitored – both machine and manned – with the required certifications to bind information security, I3MS builds a formidable yet reliable option for digitizing the industry, unplugging the erstwhile legacy bottlenecks and bringing the dollar to where it belongs.

Major highlights of I3MS are - Online application and issuance of Mineral Due Clearance Certificate, Weigh Bridge Approval, Grant/ Renew of Licensee, Transit permit, Updating of Vehicle Seizure and filling of Online Returns to Govt. of India, Payment gateway to name a few.

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