The mining industry has many stakeholders and even more compliances owing to it being a National and Regional issue. Few can provide digital end-to-end solutions to various aspects of the Mining and the Minerals industry. CSM’s solutions are testimonials that complex processes can also be tamed to reap benefits if amicably implemented.

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Our re-engineered Solutions offer a haven to the regulations in the mining sector.

JIMMS - CSM Technologies


Jharkhand is one of the most naturally endowed states of India! Owing to its geological and geomorphologic configuration, it accounts for 40% of the country’s mineral resources.

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i3MS - CSM Technologies


Minerals being a major natural resource represent the wealth of a region where they exists and open up wide scopes for the prosperity of the region.

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DMF - CSM Technologies


The Online DMF portal enables State Governments to achieve complete transparency in management and utilization of DMF funds for the holistic development of people in mining affected areas.

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CSM’s mining solutions have been a big bang in providing exactly what was needed in the hour. We have been able to build up our portfolio over the multiple implementations over the years.

A robust system for a seamless and tamper proof process which enable agencies to ensure transparency in bidding, automates and streamlines the various clearances, and tracks the production. It is a highly customizable platform that can be adapted to fit into the existing system built from the regulators perspective. The system can also be integrated with multiple systems that can act as feeders or verifiers of data to make it more efficient.

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The Mining and the Local Governments are greatly benefited by the system which facilitates them to manage FTF’s by tracking the fund utilizations and the progress of the project meant for the development of the mining –affected peripheries and communities. The system is critical for the stakeholders to show transparency and efficiency of the projects to get the social license to operate.

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For a formidable and transparent system to work for Mineral transportation, the monitoring at various points of the transfer need to be audited in real-time. However, mining areas are treacherous terrains. CSM's solutions to function needed the right equipment in those places.

The system is an enabler for the mine owners and the administrators to have access to real-time data opening up avenues for efficient mining governance and regulation. The use of the cutting edge surveillance tool to capture visual data, with its high level of accuracy, makes the whole process of tracking and monitoring of mines seamless with minimum human intervention.

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The automated system increases the efficiency in the transport of mineral ore from pit to port which is a critical determinant of commercial impact and growth of the mining sector. Unlike existing conventional systems which requires human intervention in generating e-transit pass, this system is completely automated which provides a secure and reliable channel for data transmission introducing transparency and accountability in the value chain.

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Easily customizable and end-to-end solution for customer relationship management - conceptualized and developed catering to the needs and specific needs of the mining industry.

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A solution showcasing the best practices in ensuring ease of doing business for grant of various kinds of mineral concession grants. Solution eases and elevates activities including but not limited to tracking, monitoring, scrutiny of compliances and finally, grant of services.

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