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The gamut of Government Functions suite is to enable government services more accessible online, reduce the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

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Automation of Government Functions Using Technology - CSM Technologies

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We have worked in the space of digital governance since last two decades and have seen the transition from redundant processes to more acceptable ones; and how with each passing year it has become bigger and better.

Contractor Database Management System - CSM Technologies

Contractor Database Management System

The one-stop platform of unified contractor database & project monitoring that enables the government to ensure quality infrastructure.

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Integrated Beneficiary Management System - CSM Technologies

Integrated Beneficiary Management System

The ICT based unified system enables effective implementation of the safety net programmes of the government, by identifying the right beneficiaries and monitoring the service delivery and fund transfer while addressing the grievances across multiple schemes.

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Mo Sarkar - CSM Technologies

Mo Sarkar

This integrated platform for citizens’ feedback enables Government to have greater insight into their sentiments while expediting grievance redressal with increased efficiency, accountability and transparency.

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Grant Management System - CSM Technologies

Grant Management System

The web based unified platform that has facilitated efficient management of grant for research and innovation through automation of processes starting from application to evaluation, approval and monitoring. Along with this the system also manages research permits.

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Integral Legal Monitoring System - CSM Technologies

Integrated Legal Monitoring System (ILMS)

A robust web-enabled system which provides timely information, notification and alerts to manage and dispose of legal cases filed against the government. The efficient monitoring and case management system reduce pendency and save time and resources for vital functioning.

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eDespatch - CSM Technologies


A simple and innovative e-Gov initiative that has facilitated the Government communication management system by automating the letter transaction from dispatch to receipt with reduced travel time, cost and resources.

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Disclosure of Asset Registration System DARS - CSM Technologies

Disclosure of Asset Registration System (DARS)

An Online Asset Registration system that has revolutionized the whole process of asset declaration by government officials and public representatives, starting from registration, monitoring, facilitation of compliance, content verification and public declaration of information on a single platform.

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CSM’s suite of solutions brings in process efficiency and optimize the performance of the government through automation & digitization. This not only helps in transforming government-citizen relationships but enhances the confidence of the citizens in the government machinery.

The online system integrates asset registration, monitoring, ensures facilitation of compliance, content verification and public declaration of information on a single platform. The unique solution has the potentials to bring in process efficiency, better accountability and transparency for strengthening governance to curb corruption and impropriety.

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The system provides a single centralized platform for contractor database and help in tracking the performance of the registered contractors. The automation of the process of licensing (new application, upgradation, renewal and cancellation) and workflow management ensures transparency in the system assisting the government to become more efficient.

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The system provides a centralized platform for worker’s database which facilitates government for formulating effective policies and better implementation of schemes. The data helps in bringing process efficiency, reform design, monitoring and evaluation of schemes that are focused and targeted to the right beneficiaries.

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The system helps in streamlining and creating an effective and efficient citizen response process. This acts as a great platform to access the government with much transparency and accountability. Along with addressing public grievances in a state, the government can effectively collect feedback that gives an insight into citizen’s sentiments through this system.

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The web based application is designed to monitor the pendency of receipts and files and assist in their tracking. It is helps in easy and faster inter & intra departmental government communication through automation of letter receipt, dispatch & file movement processes for better decision making.

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The system helps in managing payroll seamlessly with more accuracy while maintaining the record for auditing. It improves the process of staffing efficiently and keeps you informed with auto-updated employee performance and career progression with the employee management system.

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The highly dynamic and configurable system facilitates monitoring of project activities and serves as a single repository of the data for the projects. The online application is beneficial for the government to keep track of the schemes as it allows project proponents to collaborate with all the stakeholders; from planning to execution, monitoring and closure.

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The ICT enabled robust monitoring system provides timely information and communication, notification and alerts to expeditiously manage and dispose of legal cases filed against the government. It has the potential to be implemented in the government departments and ministries facing the herculean task of managing cases and reducing pendency.

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A unified platform that facilitates the process of application, evaluation, sanction and monitoring of funds in a systematic, efficient & secure way for better grant management and utilization of the desired impact.

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A unified platform that facilitates effective implementation of the social protection programs of government through identification of right beneficiaries, program targeting & monitoring for equitable distribution of resources.

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