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Building the perfect brand story is all about understanding the characters who make it. To build a well-connected customer base or facilitating the government to provide best of services to its citizens, it is imperative to communicate well, listen with intent and react with positivity. Our Emerging Technology Suite of products are designed to make the whole process easy and smart.

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Our Social media engagement services accompanied by our solutions creates an end-to-end traffic engagement platform.

Sociomatic - Social Media Engagement Tool - CSM Technologies


Social media has greatly changed the way the public communicates and expectations from the government responsibility have also shifted.

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Social Media Management Tool - CSM Technologies

Social Media Management Tool

Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

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CSM's emerging technologies solutions either adopt the trends in technological advancements and become a trailblazer or adapt to play a role in the change for better.

The system through its social insights help to understand what is relevant for the brand in terms of service design for its customers and citizens, crisis and reputation management for organizations both in public & private sector.

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The platform helps in amplifying your digital presence aligned towards business output by managing the communication channels, customizing content, supporting interaction across various digital media with a better insight into customer journey to deliver high quality experience.

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The facial recognition technology based system has facilitated a faster and accurate recognition of person, making the whole process of permission for entry seamless with less human intervention. This smart biometrics ensures better security.

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