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In an era of connected consumers and disruptive markets, bringing the farm-to-plate is difficult. CSM helps maximize the impact of organizations dealing with food and food commodities with digitization, data authentication, and last-mile transactions.

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Overview of Agriculture Digitization - CSM Technologies

Case Studies

Our Solutions work alongside each other so that the product of one impacts the next process inline.

Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection System - CSM Technology.

Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection System (SC-PVP)

This unified database management application centrally manages and co-ordinates seed export and import process through end to end automation which follows a stringent guideline for seed quality sustainability for enhanced agri-productivity.

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Fair Price Shop Automation FPS - CSM Technologies

Fair Price Shop Automation (FPS)

Enforcing complete transparency in PDS transactions among beneficiaries and Fair Price Shop dealers.

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Jeevika - CSM Technologies


This centralized web-enabled application has facilitated automation and streamlining of value chain interventions for livelihood products to create an inclusive market for small and marginal farmers.

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Integrated Tea Grading System ITTS - CSM Technologies

Integrated Tea Trading System (ITTS)

The e-Auction method of the tea trade system for East African Tea Traders Association (EATTA), provides a suite of business applications to facilitate and streamline all pre-auction, auction and post-auction tea trade transactions including the option of an electronic auction.

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Supply Chain Management System - CSM Technologies

Supply Chain Management System

Supply Chain Management System optimizes allocation, storage and transportation of food grains. Forming the key link between procurement and distribution, it is a vital ICT intervention to increase efficiency of the value chain.

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Paddy Procurement Automation System P-PAS - CSM Technologies


The Paddy Procurement Automation System (P-PAS) is an innovation that has increased the efficiency of farm to market linkage in Odisha, thereby contributing in the upliftment of the farmers in the State. This system involves end to end computerization of the paddy procurement.

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Farmer Registration System - CSM Technologies

Farmer Registration

This Farmer Registration System by CSM was developed to create a clean & correct database of farmers cultivating paddy and willing to sell their surplus paddy to the State agencies through the PACS/LAMPCS.

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CSM has completed a full-circle in the Agriculture and Food management.

Our Farmer Registration System addresses the need of having an authenticated farmer database, with special focus on small & marginal farmers.

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The PDS is a smart system with the right mix of technology, from automation to data security and biometrics facilitating one of the largest food subsidy program in the world, in India. This helps in reaching out to the right beneficiaries with right quality and quantity of food by checking pilferages, adulterations and ensuring data hygiene.

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Digital solutions for seeding, assimilation and correlation of organic and inorganic citizen/resident’s data from multiple database for authentication and ensuring benefit delivery to the last mile.

Seed certification is a legally sanctioned system for quality control of seed multiplication and production which helps in protecting the country’s agriculture from pests and diseases assuring the quality of agricultural inputs and produce.

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The system is a complete commodity auction platform built for large volume sale creating opportunity to increase trading windows and increase buyer/producer participation. This serves as a means of ensuring that the farmers get the right prices for their produce and are not dependent on middlemen who earlier managed the commodities and drove prices downwards.

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An integrated soil information and mapping system that uses advanced sensors and geo-processing algorithms to produce region specific recommendation. By providing a greater understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil, it enables farmers to implement more effective solutions to achieve higher agri-productivity.

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This ICT based platform is an enabler for the primary producers and government to help both track and predict the outbreak of pests in their farmlands. This intervention act as an early warning system for crop protection with right kind of timely advisory for action to be taken.

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CSM's suite of solutions concerns itself with the flow of products and information between supply chain member organizations procurement of materials, transformation of materials into finished products, and distribution of those products to end customers.

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Solutions to plug inaccuracies and subterfuges in the weighing and measuring processes of large food distribution systems that involves public and government systems.

The end to end solution procurement solution is one of the key component of Agri Tech suite, built on the farmer database and integrated with supply chain management system with advance technology like Blockchain. It facilitates both farmers and procurement agencies by streamlining the system and ensuring transparency.

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