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The healthcare market has grown by leaps and bounds to a whopping US$100 billion and is expected to further grow at an estimated CAGR of 23 percent by 2020 reaching around worth of US$ 280 billion. A number that requires necessary IT interventions and an integrated approach to make sense to all stakeholders.

Digital transformation plays an important role in the healthcare transformation and ensuring the value of money for every dollar spent. The value primarily reflecting from the enhanced outreach of healthcare services and patient-centered care including feedback on patient satisfaction, efficiency and affordability, real-time and historical access, tracking of activities and early warning system, and visualization of all activities.

CSM’s HMS outfit was designed for the improvement of health and health outcomes by improving the efficiency of hospital staff and resources, saving and reducing cost, early diagnosis of disease, quick access to services, and quality of care. Enhanced by the user-access rights security and being on the Cloud, gives tremendous potential in the assimilation of EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) data into one-place for easier information about the patients across locations.


Odisha State Medical Corporation Limited (OSMCL)

When governance of Healthcare of underprivileged is concerned, governments digitize their health schemes for beneficiary authentication and normalization with other published public records. CSM's solutions provide a parameterized approach to validate each record within no time, using data warehousing tools. This process of minute data mining and cleansing removes bottlenecks of leniency and harbors transparency.

A revenue management system at a hospital is a critical area that is prone to errors and manipulations. The inbuilt revenue management system of HMS consists of all administrative and clinical activities associated with the claim process, payment and revenue generation. It starts from the registration of the patient, the patient taking different services, proper coding of data, claim process, third-party insurance company linkage, and finally settlement of the bill. This accompanied by EMR, reduces patients' time-to-treatment drastically, thus improving the efficiency of the hospital.

Supply Chain Management is another area prone to pilferage if not monitored effectively. Med-SCM looks after the journey of procurement of medicines until its distribution at multiple locations with real-time data updates.


Our expertise in Healthcare management looks after stakeholders and their role in an organization, ancillary services and programs related to health and hospitals and communication while taking complete cognizance of authenticity, security, and confidentiality.

IT brings transparency and checks on wastage. Our solution provides an integrated approach to Drug Distribution Management System to monitor and track the distribution of medicines across multiple areas. The Med-SCM automates the process of procurement, distribution & quality control of the medicines.

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The government runs multiple health schemes for people at the grass root and underprivileged. As good as the scenario sound, management is equally harrowing in the absence of IT. Scheme monitoring system normalizes, authenticates, and validates arrays of data through enhanced programs of data mining and warehousing to provide error-free records of beneficiaries; thus saving on fraudulent seekers and the exchequer.

The most useful component of CSM's HMS is it is 100% integrated with not only the multiple departments of a hospital facility but also the various medical and diagnostic equipment. Being a browser-based workflow helps keep the work-floor dynamic and updated. Reports and BI make decision-taking easier

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