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Providing routine transaction services to the public and to the citizen at large, requires the government’s vested in them to go Digital. Therefore while mentioning Government services, we look into defining and redefining their processes to, not only meet citizen expectations, but also achieve lower costs of operations and improve services for Governments.

The purpose of digital Government is to make government services more accessible online, reduce  the cost of accessing those services, streamline administrative processes, improve turnaround  times, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

Majority of people have become inclined to the internet for most of their activities. In such a situation Government service delivery will become less challenging if the services go digital. Digital services are an ocean when it comes to governments. We talked about agile solutions for government services in Breaking Thought Barriers. Such solutions make the development process of such services more participative. Digital services, especially for routine transactions when offered by government helps citizens access, interact and adhere to instructions for any service delivery. It also enhances confidence of the citizens in the government machinery.


Single Window Applications

An age old ambition of government service is the concept of “single-window” to service delivery by the government. It streamlines interactions, improves the quality and reduces costs. This has led to the rise of ease-of-doing-business (EODB) and ease-of-living (EOL). This brings similar form of services into a single platform that helps the citizens, find and avail whatever the need – be it a business house looking for EODB, or a citizen looking to avail to avail a service, or a government official looking to streamline their own processes for resource optimization or just open data to various agencies. Categorization and assimilating a set of information and services, helps the service-provider i.e., the government, to plan and execute effectively.

However, the major advantage of digital government is not only to address citizens and their demands effectively, but also to reduce costs of operations. The digital way of rendering government services, helps save time and tangible and intangible resources which is a win-win for the government agencies and for the citizens. Also the digital data generated helps use analytics to remove bottlenecks, monitor performance, broadcast, and provide transparent services.

CSM provides digital government solutions to help governments to join in into the digital revolution and connect the bridge between technology and services. We conceptualize solutions that only cater to the exact requirement, but allows sustainable growth of the solution in the long run. Our solutions offer uninterrupted service in a secured network and a 99% uptime.


CSM’s digital solutions for government services can either be stitched to provide an end-to-end solution to a genre of citizens with a specific purpose, or can be implemented modular to for better RoI for a specific need.

An online single window portal for Infrastructure Development projects, to facilitate online application submission, payments, tracking of status, approvals and final issuance of the certificate to promote swifter completion of ongoing projects.

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An integrated application for publishing posts realized in the Government sector, receiving candidates, shortlisting & conducting examinations, publishing results and notifying through multiple means of communication.

An all-encompassing solution for monitoring Funds allotted for healthcare schemes by automating financial accounting and the payroll system. Other modules like HR management, Budget management and Asset management, makes it an enterprise-wide application.

Industries set up in a state go through regular inspection by government authorities from time to time much to the chagrin of these industries. This system provides a unified secured and used-access based system to schedule an inspection and report back in the earliest time possible.

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A Project Monitoring System to monitor Government schemes by creating unique identification and profiling the stakeholders and beneficiaries by their demography and pedagogy. With this system, every number has a name.

Connecting the CSR projects of industries with the government helps create a roadmap for the state’s development to bring about rapid socio-economic prosperity in the region. The digital way makes for a smooth project execution and reporting with respect to the industries.

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A complete process of Government machinery where every action is tagged to a policy/act and the process of notification automated, helps build a knowledge repository that builds a central dispatch system. File tracking system is an ERP of issue-dispatch section in the Government

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