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Farmer Registration System

Identifying and authenticating farmer for income support.

India's agriculture sector is the backbone of the Indian economy and a major source of livelihood for rural households. Small and marginal farmers, forming more than 2/3rd of the total farmer base in the country, are particularly vulnerable since they face a number of problems in terms of credit, input supply, and proper market linkage.

The High Level Committee on Procurement Reforms headed by Justice Shanta Kumar had pointed out that just 6 percent of the country's total farmers have benefited directly from selling paddy or wheat to any procurement agency (National Sample Survey 2012-13). Much of the procurement that government agencies undertake comes from larger farmers or middlemen. In the absence of mechanisms to identify genuine small & marginal farmers, states are unable to provide income support to them.


Farmers Registration System

Our Farmer Registration System addresses the need of having an authenticated farmer database, with special focus on small & marginal farmers. Through integration with land record database, the system is capable of weeding out middlemen and identifying small & marginal farmers. The system also facilitates direct fund transfer to beneficiaries.

Major Modules of Farmer Registration:

Digitization of Farmer Data

  • The farmers ' record his / her land details in the farmers ' registration system along with their personal and bank details.
  • The sharecroppers (who grow on land owned by another) send their details to the Civil Supply Officer (CSO) through the farmers ' registration system, which is then sent to the Department of Revenue or Agriculture for verification.

Verification of Land

  • The land holding records self-declared by the farmer are auto verified against the digitised land record (bhulekh) database (maintained by the Department of Revenue)
  • This farmer registration data is then synced with the P-PAS application

Verification of Bank Account Details

  • Upon validation / verification by the respective banks, the farmers ' bank details along with their Aadhaar as provided by the farmers at the time of registration are also entered into system.

Forecasting, Planning & Surplus

  • With this unique auto verified farmer database and land records, surplus is calculated at approved rates and yield estimates given by the Dept. of Agriculture.
  • The surplus is then sold to millers / traders / middleman in distress and the price is substantially lower than that of the MSP.
  • These advance evaluation of surplus and farmer information is fed into the Paddy Procurement Automation System (P-PAS).


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