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Farmer Registration System

Farmer Registraion application enable to create a clean & correct database of farmers cultivating paddy and willing to sell their surplus fair average quality paddy to the State agencies through the PACS devoid of middlemen .

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy"- said Mahatma Gandhi six decades ago. Even today, the situation is still the same, with almost the entire economy being sustained by agriculture, which is the mainstay of the villages. Indian farmers are second to none in production and productivity despite of the fact that millions are marginal and small farmers. They adopt improved agriculture technology as efficiently as farmers in developed countries. Agriculture contributes 16% of the overall GDP and accounts for employment of approximately 52% of the Indian population. Rapid growth in agriculture is essential not only for self-reliance but also to earn valuable foreign exchange.

It is felt that with provision of system that creates a clean & correct database of farmers cultivating paddy and willing to sell their surplus paddy to the State agencies can help them avail all the necessary information about farming and schemes and sell their products at a fair price, in addition, enables the State to plan flow of funds and scale of procurement operations to be conducted at society level.


Farmers Registration System

Farmers Registration system was developed by CSM, to create a digitized database of farmers verified by Bhulekh who are ready to sell their surplus paddy at a fair price to the State agencies through the PACS/LAMPCS. . The data collection and digitization was proposed to be done through a crowd sourcing method where each farmer would provide the details like personal information, bank account info & cultivated land info in a pre-designed form to his/her PACS along with documentary proof. Such verified database is the need of the hour that facilitates and accelerates other digital processes relating to farmers scheme, insurance and other economic transaction possible in less time with more efficiency and transparency.

The registration form is issued to each farmer by the PACS and they are also guided by the society to fill it up correctly. It is the responsibility of the PACS to digitize the filled up forms submitted by the farmers after some preliminary scrutiny of the form with that of the documents like bank passbook & record of rights (ROR). In order to facilitate the registration of share croppers (who cultivate on land owned by another), documents such as consent letter from the land lord, authorization from the Sarpanch or manual verification report submitted by officials from Revenue or Agriculture department are accepted.

The farmer data is digitized by the PACS in the web based Farmer Registration module visible in the homepage of the FS&CW Department portal www. foododisha.in Land information derived from the data provided by farmers & entered by PACS is integrated with the Bhulekh database for authentication. Similarly, the Bank account information is collated Bank and branch wise and reports are generated for verification by concerned Bank Branches. After verification, district officials have been allowed to update the farmer database by incorporating the changes/corrections made by the Banks/RIs.

Since registered farmers are tagged to PACS, advance assessment of surplus (per PACS) is done through this system. This enables the State to plan flow of funds and scale of procurement operations to be conducted at society level. Advance assessment of surplus and farmer details are fed as an input to the Paddy Procurement Automation System (P-PAS).

Each specific system is assigned and responsible for verification of specific types of data maintaining clarity in database. The Society (PACS/ LAMPCS) enters farmer data in the system for registration of farmers. Then the land record is verified by the District Revenue Officials who verifies land data which is not present in Bhulekh. The details of bank account is verified by OSCSC (District Officials) by communicating off-system with all banks. Finally mandi wise surplus generation is ensured by FSCW Department.

Such kind of intervention has solved the challenges of lack of authenticate farmer database, duplicate accounts, lack of mechanism for advance assessment of surplus and repetitive registration of farmers every season. With this unique auto verified farmer database and land records, surplus is calculated at approved rates and yield estimates given by the Dept. of Agriculture. The cumbersome process of farmer registration and renewal is easily done through technological intervention.

Through this system, Odisha became the first state in India to link its farmer database to the land records (Bhulekh). This linkage has been instrumental in ensuring that the right owner (farmer not the middleman) sells his produce to the Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies. Also, forecasting and advance calculation of surplus have become transparent, thus providing a macro view of the procurement situation in the state at any point of time. The system also ensures that not just farmers but small, marginal and share croppers are also a part of farmer registration and the procurement system which is first of its kind in the entire country.


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