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Education is a very important factor in the development of a country. According to the Vision 2030 document, India by E &Y, one in every four graduates in the world will be a product of the Indian higher education system within 10 years.

The evolution of technology is paving the way for further developing the foundation of smarter nations. After smartphones, AI and ML technologies would be expected to provide more fun and experimental methods of indulgence in learning. The young minds have a lot to look forward to in terms of digitization and learning.

The fourth industrial revolution, brought on by the advent of the Internet age requires the educational institutions to embrace a paradigm shift in how we adapt and adopt challenges faced in this sector via a multi-pronged approach encompassing technical and technological intervention. Technology fulfills the objective of achieving inclusive growth, progress and enhancement of the education ecosystem involving the 3 major angles of the system i.e., students, teachers, and institutions.


Student Academics Management System

While for the students, the influx of mobility and ease-of-usability has taken the world by storm, where they are not restricted to the four walls of a classroom, the Teachers benefit from digitization methodologies for assessment, admission, and administration of courses and institutions alike.

Based on these trends, CSM went beyond the conventional digital interventions to address and create issue-based need fulfillment solutions that help in the transformation of the Education system brick by brick. We adopted Consulting, Business Process Reengineering, and Technology to create new delivery methods for the transition of education from a traditional approach to a more collaborative one.

Innovation in education is not restricted to only providing new ways of learning but it also includes applying technology to solve business problems in the industry. For delivering a graduate of the next generation, universities and boards have to overhaul their aging technological infrastructure that opens up many opportunities for education service providers. Be it SaaS solutions for the Admission processes or the Bespoke for the Institutional Administration, the disruptive Case Management solutions or the BI for informed Analytics, CSM believes in empowering the education industry to not just deliver education but driving better value from it.


CSM's solution in Education management has been enriched with its 10+ years of domain expertise.

e-Admission is an integral part of the Students’ Academic management System (SAMS). It was conceptualized and developed by CSM in tandem with the stakeholders of the Education ecosystem, to provide a time-bound, transparent system of admission into educational institutes.

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From the automation of a roll register, classroom and examination scheduling to the payroll processing, our suite of modular applications covers all facets to run an educational institution.

Scholarship Management System helps in collect, review and awarding scholarships to meritorious students at online. A streamlined application management system that allows the principals to verify the online applications of the students and forward it to the dept for scholarships.

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Legal Monitoring System is a unique comprehensive legal case management application that integrates the entire process of case management at one platform starting from information of cases, its process to current status in a well maintained dash board.

School Administrative Suite is a complete solution for schools. This system enables tracking the day-to-day activities of the schools starting from students activities to teachers activities along with school management.

Training Programme Monitoring System helps Education Department to capture training related information from admission to certification of trainees along with resource person and institution details.

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