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CSR Monitoring System

The inclusion of the CSR mandate under the Companies Act, 2013 is an attempt to supplement the governments’ efforts of equitably delivering the benefits of growth and to engage the Corporate World with the country’s development agenda.

CSR began as a voluntary form of private regulation, however governments are gradually becoming more involved because of their ability to provide a framework for regulation and to monitor compliance. The Government also provides vital information to the private sectors through initiatives that include websites that inform companies of CSR and its role in business and society. Reports on CSR, as well as government-sponsored guidelines, aids the government to focus their own development activities around such programs.


CSR Program Management System

Our CSR Program Management System provides a platform to identify projects that reflect the corporation's sense of social responsibility to create and tailor projects to reflect that sense. It creates, manages, administers, and tracks CSR programs that might include environmentally responsible operations, grants and sponsorships, sustainability management, community giving, and corporate volunteer management. The system automates the collection, consolidation and management of data in order to monitor and track key metrics around the programs and environmental performance.

The integrated portal provides a console for the various departments to create CSR programs based on their requirement in the region. These programs are authenticated via a dynamic workflow with the CSR committee who approves. The system automatically validates corporates entitled to convert these programs into CSR projects and pick single or multiple projects for execution. These programs are also automatically published on the website for transparency measures and public feedback on the ground reality. These feedback are responded in real time through the portal. The committee can use choose to award projects to a single project or multiple interested companies based on the budget associated. Once allotted, due to inaction, the system has the ability to automatically make the project active again and make it visible to the public for taking it up.

The committee monitors these picked projects through a simple ticker in the portal which notifies progress. The portal creates CSR sustainability reports, and others to improve communications with stakeholders and show greater transparency.

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