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Central Inspection System

The inspection of an industry is a tedious task both the industry and the departments involved. An industry faces inspection from various faculties of the government.

To name a few pollution board, Industries, Health & Safety, Revenue, Excise, Food, etc. this creates an undulating pressure on the industries in question and the monitoring and management for the government machinery also becomes a herculean task. As a consequence, an industry gets multiple visits from different agencies/bodies on different occasions to check on the same things. Sometimes they pass a different judgment for the same set of functions of an industry!


Central Inspection System (CIS)

The requirement of a Central Inspection System (CIS) arises from the need to address complaints about ambiguity, duplication and overlapping mandates between the inspection authorities. This Inspection System aims to achieve the objective of simplifying business regulations, bring in transparency and accountability in procedures and checklists, ensure synchronized inspections, and provide a result-oriented approach.

CSM’s solution to this requirement consists of Industry registration module include new industries into the scheduler, after the integration with the industry database. This module also brings together legacy data into one common-fold. The Inspection management module categories the nature of the inspections and schedules the audits based on the configuration or attribute of the industries. Every configuration and coordinate required for scheduling a visit can be entered, tracked and recorded. The USP of this module highlights an automatic ticker of balance audits based on the configured data of the inspections. Inspections can also be prioritized on the basis of their risk component which is configurable. Non-disclosed audits can also be scheduled in the system that appends the notification/alert mechanism when selected. Inspectors’ Registration module creates profiling of the inspectors from the multiple departments and randomly allocates the audit sessions. Also the system allows external auditors/inspectors to be entered and selected for any mandated inspection. Last but not the least the Reports module allows for the inspectors to upload inspection reports with user-accessibility rights. The system also allows a time frame post-inspection to physically verify and upload inspection report and other supportive document.

The portal dashboard builds a dynamic MIS that gives query based information of industries and their compliances. The portal has user-access based rights to receive their inspection reports in no time and can download the compliance certificate. These reports can be configured for multiple offices and multi-locations for a wider reach and transparency.


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