Unified Grievance Management

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  • 30th Apr,2021

If you look within you and around you, grievance seems ubiquitous. It is difficult to define grievance or telescope its scope since it breaches borders and boundaries. People may quibble about the deplorable condition of roads in their locality, frequent power outages, lack of drinking water infrastructure or an understaffed hospital lacking key amenities. Grievance shows up in myriad other forms. Discontent brews up in citizens when they have to chase multiple government windows in availing basic government services. But it’s not always the government that has to respond to or resolve grievances. Companies, too, are mindful of their brand reputation and diligently respond to complaints or feedback across channels- online or offline to stem the churn rate. Here, you realize there is not much to tell apart grievance from a complaint or feedback. The trio can be likened to contiguous neighbors sharing porous borders. Given the thin line between them, it is prudent to have a unified system that pools in grievances, complaints and feedback from a multitude of sources to deliver an omnichannel experience.

Grievance Resolution for Responsive Governance & Better Project Outcomes

Timely and efficient response to citizens’ grievances is a key barometer of a government’s performance. This is clearly spelt out in sub goal 16.6 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16. In India, the 2nd Administrative Commission recognizes speedy and effective delivery of services with the use of ICT as one of the four pillars on which ‘good governance’ rests. Moreover, grievances on projects are resolved more easily and efficiently when they are dealt with early and locally. Which is why it makes sense to have a grievance redress module from the project design stage and continue it till project closure.

Seamless Grievance Redressal

How CSM’s Unified Solution is The Differentiator

CSM Technologies has developed a robust and scalable Grievance and Feedback Management System that builds on the strength of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its sub-fields like Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The tapping of niche technology enables ‘real time’ social media response mining and timely grievance management. What sets our system apart and makes it a natural fitment in any government department or administrative body is its ability to consolidate complaints and grievances from all sources- email, SMS, IVRS etc and ensure that they are attended to within 24 hours. The system also has the following modules for offering a seamless journey in grievance resolution:

  • Assigning of Action Taking Authority: Work flow can be easily designed and authorization levels can be assigned using this module
  • Responding to the Grievances: A desk operator responsible for the tagging of the grievance to the concerned department, analyzes and segregate grievances
  • Escalation, Action & Review: If the grievance is not addressed in the specified time, then it is automatically escalated to a higher authority and the status of the grievance is constantly updated as under resolved/reopen/ under review/discarded
  • Feedback: This module is used for capturing and monitoring feedbacks from inbound and outbound calls on a robust platform.
  • MIS Reports: Data-rich reports that give an insight into the nature of grievances, and their outcomes

Today, citizens are more discerning about their own rights and the responsibilities of public institutions. In this backdrop, a unified grievance management portal can help burnish the image of a responsive administration and deliver more.

Read more to know about the USPs and transformative impact of our Grievance Management solutions.

Jayajit Dash

Research Analyst - Public Policy

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