My City My Pride

  • 5 mins read
  • 20th Sep,2019

From an Idea to Reality

Imagine passing through an overflowing garbage can everyday to work. This could have gone on forever but then one of us stumbled upon an idea to send in a complaint to the City officials standing right there, without having to make a call or a cumbersome visit to the nearest City development office. How cool it will be to have someone see the complaint and call you back to fix it as soon as possible!

The thought was backed by a powerful will to come up with a tool that can help citizens file complaints regarding their periphery from any location they prefer. A simple phone call or by clicking a few buttons on a mobile, well, that’s how My City My Pride (MCMP) helps you connect with the city development authorities to get issues fixed without much trouble.

My City My Pride - From an Idea to Reality - CSM Technologies

Power in Your Hand

My City My Pride is an initiative that allows authorities to receive reports, incidents feedbacks, comments and suggestions from citizens directly. This is making the system more improved, transparent and easy to connect.

Not only that the authorities get alerted about an issue but an action is also taken at the backend to mitigate that issue. MCMP promises to maximize resources, improve services and a safer smarter city for today’s citizenry.

How MCMP Approaches Civic Issues

A citizen-centric approach towards service delivery is an essential part for any effective governing body, MCMP maximizes on this ground rule. It combines

  • A smart responsive mobile app 
  • An informative action oriented website
  • An efficient call center
Just the trigger we needed

MCMP recognizes citizens as important data sources. Giving the power to bring in change in terms of community sanitation and other civic issues:

  • Creating Change Agents– Allows citizens to lodge complaints about sanitation and peripheral safety issues effortless without worrying about who to put forth such complaints to.
  • Popularizing the cause– To get steadier and faster resolution and create mass awareness of keeping our neighborhood clean.
Bringing in responsive Government

MCMP with its mobile app, call center and website allows citizens to view the status of their complaints, learn about other issues in their locality and get attention from authorities without any delay.

  • Recognizing real heroes who work on our complaints and ensure a cleaner & safer environment for everyone.
  • Inviting positive contribution, the web portal provides a platform for creating the right dialogue between the government and the citizens.
  • As simple as making a call, one can lodge a complaint anytime, anywhere.
Building Smart Communities

MCMP just takes this to the next level to create alert communities:

  • Connected – Empowers citizens with the choice to lodge a complaint and creates a connected ecosystem.
  • Collaborative – Raises an issue and makes it a mass civic movement to get authorities attention by collaborating all sources online.
  • Capable – Not only allows to lodge a complaint but also helps in getting alerts on complaints and bring power to the hands of the citizens by enabling them in bringing about the change we require.

How MCMP is Different?

MCMP is a sophisticated and well-designed web and mobile interface that makes it very easy for the citizens to report and monitor civic problems.

  • Multi-faceted citizen touch points for greater engagement & experience.
  • Share, support or invite others to view, support, or vote your complaints.
  • Timely redressal of complaints & pro-active information dissemination.
  • Tool as social audit for various schemes of Urban bodies.
  • Helps build transparent & pro-citizen image of Urban agencies

How MCMP Will Make an Impact

  • Even though MCMP, is one of the most recent and much needed solutions, the product has already made ample noise.
  • Empowers citizens to be sensors in the public space and allows government and other ULB’s to use the mobile tools to track down the issues in the field.
  • Provides digitized approach to problem addressing and resolving in a fool-proof, error-free, effective and quick manner.
  • Citizens who take the time to report even minor issues and see them fixed are likely to get more engaged in their local communities.
  • Aims not only to hold government accountable, but to facilitate community volunteering.