PSUs Need Seamless HRMIS for Industry 4.0

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  • 11th Sep,2021

As the chorus for digital transformation gets louder, the Indian public sector undertakings (PSUs) are speeding up the adoption of emerging technologies to perform in the Industry 4.0 ambience. The publicly held enterprises realize that a digital-ready culture isn't possible without energizing their pool of human resources (HR). To offer an immersive experience to their skilled workforce, the PSUs need to overhaul their existing Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS). However, onboarding a half-baked digital HRMIS has limited pay-offs. Their best bet is on a system built on an open-source platform that seamlessly combines all HR components and can be integrated with legacy processes. Public enterprises have tried many solutions marketed as Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) software products. But the best fitment to their requirement is a solution with customized features like service book inclusion, LTC management complying with government rules, management of property returns and electronic file management.

Need For Seamless HRMIS In PSUs

Like their private-sector counterparts, the PSUs also face the challenge of acquiring talent, retaining human resources, and managing diversity at the workplace. Manual operating systems make HR management tedious and time-devouring, leading to problems in personnel management. As a result of relying on legacy IT systems, there are attendant concerns such as steep costs and cyber security risks. What's more, data as an under-utilized asset is not leveraged for data analytics and insights.


The Promise Of An Integrated HR Management Platform

In times of advancing technology and economic uncertainty, public sector agencies can build organizational agility by opting for an interoperable and configurable HRMIS. A seamless HRMIS promises to quicken the process of digital transformation. HRMIS solutions have evolved to be in sync with emerging technologies. The new age HRMIS solutions have gone beyond accounting integration to help organizations extract more insights from data. And are enabling data monetization- generating measurable economic benefits from available data sources.


CSM's HRMIS Solution For Efficiency And Cost Optimization

HR management in the public sector has a substantial bearing on the efficiency of the public service delivery system. Effective HR management is intertwined with actions used by the organization to draw the best human resources, training, development, and maintenance. Our end-to-end HRMIS solution is developed in sync with this unique requirement of PSUs. It integrates all the core functions and processes needed for an enterprise-level human resource management system. The acquisition of talent, effective management, and professional upskilling are responsible for ensuring HR compliance within an organization. With our solution, enterprises can extract actionable insights from various metrics and operational data, enabling them to make more strategic business decisions for better results.

For explicitly catering to the needs of public sector enterprises, our solution has custom-built functionalities like service book inclusion, confidential character report (CCR), LTC management keeping to the Government of India's service Rules, a vigilance component covering all stages starting from receipt of complaints to penalty and suspension management, management of property returns and electronic file management. The solution allows easy integration with the finance module for easy salary and loan disbursement, document management system, biometric device integration for recording attendance and digital signature certificate.


As PSUs embark on a digital transformation journey, they need to embrace analytics-driven HRMIS solutions. A robust HR system is the engine to keep the digital economy humming.

Jayajit Dash

Research Analyst - Public Policy

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