Forever Bikash – Because it matters how we remember the ones we lose

  • 2 mins read
  • 15th Sep,2020

Once asked about what happens when we die, Keannu Reeves responded, “The ones who love us, will miss us." Such a soothing yet an audacious answer to such an incorporeal question. Isn’t it true, though?

When we do lose someone, there are many stages of grief and there are bazillions research papers and studies on how human beings deal with it. Most of us however can relate to this process – at first, we miss their presence amongst us. Then, the memory of their voices begin fading. Few years down the line, their words and their thoughts leave us, one at a time. Their faces, however, take the longest to fade. What does not fade at all are the memories they leave us, or the affection they shower on us.

When we lost Bikash, it almost felt like the world had come down upon us. The grief was overwhelming for all of us who knew him, and nothing less with even those who knew him just by his smile or waving goodbyes. He left his mark in our hearts and we learnt to accept his absence with a heavier heart. At CSM, we have this belief that the moment you join us, you become an inseparable part of our history and that, even if you leave, you will continue to be celebrated for what you have brought to us.

This year on 11 September, we observed the first anniversary of Bikash’s passing away with his family and marked it with a plantation programme. The mango sapling is symbolic of the cycle of life, and not to be dismissed that he did love mangoes! In his memory, CSM is proud to institute the Bikash Pradhan Unravel Awards, or as the millennials at office dub it, #BeLikeBikash.

The Bikash Pradhan Unravel Awards will recognize excellence in IT innovation and in programming, the qualities that Bikash embodied and inspired others to learn. The initiative will recognize the talent and potential among CSM employees, and shall serve as a proud reminder for his family that Bikash was, is and will always be a part of CSM.