Transforming Tourism Using Technologies

  • 2 mins read
  • 3rd Feb,2021

Technology has revolutionized the way we travel, the way we book tickets, how we easily find accommodations, and how our smartphones have transformed into one-stop shop for tour guides, helping us to “navigate” throughout the world. Not just that, even after we get back from our dreamy vacations, technology and digital platforms help us to popularize our travel hacks & tips, which again guides other travellers to plan their trips.

While brands, hotels, service industry etc. are getting more and more creative to come up with attractive travel discounts and packages, it’s the millennial world that’s considerably contributing to travel being a BUZZWORD these days!

These and many other thoughts have become a reality, thanks to the new additions in Travel Technology, almost every day! With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR), teleporting ourselves to the rest of the world (even while comfortably sitting on our couch at our home) has become just-so-easy.

Besides, the Internet of Things (IoT) is also impressively shaping the future of the travel industry. Right from, experiences such as adjusting room temperature, controlling TV etc. from the tourist’s smartphone to in-flight IoT based experiences like sensors gauging anxiety level, heart rate of travellers in an airplane, it’s all going to be there soon!

Not just that, Virtual Assistants, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Chatbots, Recognition Technology, and even Blockchain are some of the other tech ways that appear to impact travel in a significant manner.

Talking about the advances in travel & tourism using technology, CSM Technologies has been setting some amazing examples – through Odisha Tourism’s social media platforms and by setting up a vibrant, immersive and user-friendly website for the State’s tourism industry. It was a moment of pride when the State bagged the “best tourism website”, in August 2019, during the first edition of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Travel and Tourism Excellence Awards.

The revamped website showcases nicely-arranged modules which help to catapult the visitor’s imagination to holiday in the State. Not just that, the multiple social media platforms managed by us for Odisha Tourism has been quite engaging for visitors from across the world, to seek answers about the State and its unique destinations. Odisha Tourism’s social media accounts are ranked among the top 5 tourism profiles in the country.

With such immense opportunities for the tourism industry, we’re certain to use the best trends to our advantage, through enhanced tech features.

Nidhi Lohia

Digital Marketing Consultant

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