Creating Delight in Land Management with Digital

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  • 24th Aug,2021

If you are an investor, the first milestone in your business journey is getting the land on time minus the hassles. But if you set foot on this journey, it sounds like wishful thinking. Getting land, especially in India, has been rife with complications. There are multiple layers of laws and permits that make land allotment tedious. The land woes don't pause with allocation. Post allotment, there is a flurry of activities like mortgage permission, change in land use or transfer, etc., which lands the investor in soup. The plight is as much for investors as the officials since the processes lack transparency and occur in disjointed silos. When the tide of digital transformation is sweeping the world, the time couldn't be more suitable to switch over to a digital land management system for managing the entire lifecycle. Realizing it, the Indian government has taken the leap in land management with the creation of 'Madhyaam.' It's a National Single Window System to allow investors to identify and apply for various pre-operation clearances required for starting a business in the country.

In Industry 4.0 era, Its Advantage Digital LMS

As a paperless and contactless solution, Digital Land Management System can be both transformative and disruptive. An intelligent blend of GIS and MIS, it aligns well with the Industry 4.0 defined by process automation and an increasingly Phygital ecosystem. And, it is a good fit in the government architecture with its myriad benefits:

  • GIS mapping of the land bank allows real-time information about the availability of industrial land and resources
  • Auto-scrutiny saves a lot of time & resources by simplifying the scrutiny, review & approval of building plans in compliance with Development Control Regulations.
  • Makes frequent visits to site locations or offices of land-owning agencies redundant
  • A centralized system ensures transparency & adequate visibility of proposal progress to all stakeholders.
  • Creating a streamlined framework provides the potential investors with simple and efficient processes for land management & related post allotment activities.
  • Manages, updates and monitors land-related data & information
  • Stores records like land deeds, plot maps, non-encumbrance certificates et al.

How CSM Blazed the Trail with AURIC and iLMIS, Ethiopia

CSM Technologies has created an end-to-end, scalable e-LMS for Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC) - India's first greenfield smart city and an important node on the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The e-LMS automates land management from land alienation to allotment and permits handling post allotment worries. The system's inbuilt strengths enable it to generate 75 percent of an investment proposal's Detailed Project Report (DPR) score. The system is poised to catalyze investments of Rs 70,000 crore for AURIC, thus unlocking its true potential.

Building on AURIC's success, we have replicated eLMS as Integrated Land Management Information System (iLMIS) in Ethiopia. This solution has enabled digital transformation in the administration of the City Government of Addis Ababa through a mix of process automation and business process reengineering. iLMIS has helped the city administration in-

  • Building transparent & accountable mechanism for land provision
  • Simplified and effective land management system to build an effective free-market environment
  • Streamline the land-related fixed property rights system
  • Centralized data management repository for City and Woredas
  • Integration of multiple isolated land management systems
  • Allowing data to be easily used for many other applications, such as emergency response or regional economic development

Our solutions are testimony to how the authorities can tackle the complex land management cycle seamlessly to the delight of investors. And for elevating the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) too.

Jayajit Dash

Research Analyst - Public Policy

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