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Solving the Farm to Fork conundrum for Producers, Food Processing Industries and Procurement Agencies.

Food sufficiency is one of the biggest challenges facing most communities and governments today. With a rapid increase in the population, an efficient system to help manage food production, supply chain and distribution will be the key to feeding the next billion people.

Today, technology commonly referred to as Agri-Tech has been extensively used to solve the farm-to-table conundrum. There are two parts to the value chain, Pre-Harvest, that includes everything from maximizing yield at the farms, by providing the right mix of seeds, fertilisers and soil conditions to constantly analysing and optimising through soil testing data and production variables, building models based on data available through weather forecasting, there is a scope for technology to play a major role.

The second part of the value chain is Post-Harvest activities. One of the major issues with food sufficiency for countries has been loss due to transportation and storage. Major advances in market analysis, vehicle tracking systems and IoT based storage capacities have an opportunity to impact these sectors in a big way.


At CSM, we believe in making Agri-Tech available to the right stakeholders. Our immense knowledge of this sector, expertise in building CMS, Applications, Big Data Platforms & Data Management tools work seamlessly together to ensure the most optimal solution is made for your requirements.

Commodity trading like tea, cotton, oil and other natural resources is a similar area of operations that will be left behind with a significant lack of digitization. Manually intensive processes with numerous shadow spreadsheets are prone to inaccuracies and control issues. CSM has gained expertise in emerging technologies—including blockchain, cognitive computing, and analytics—to address existing disadvantages and create new business value.

Our information-driven, integrated supply chains are enabling governments and organizations alike, to reduce inventory and costs, add product value, extend resources, and accelerate time to market. Our solutions connect the producers with buyers to initiate and sustain long term, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships.

Whether you are a large agribusiness, corporate primary producer, a food procurement agency or even a food processing unit, we have the right technology mix to enable your business. Our solution is scalable, able to address millions of data points across stake holders and is already being implemented successfully.

Our innovation in technologies like blockchain, use of content distribution services that enable the end users by providing relevant information for their crops and a robust supply chain solution and analytics tool can make your business more efficient, reduce lag time and drive major cost savings.


CSM has completed a full-circle in the Agriculture and Food management

CSMs’ suite of solutions concerns itself with the flow of products and information between supply chain member organizations—procurement of materials, transformation of materials into finished products, and distribution of those products to end customers.

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This system was developed to create a clean & correct database of farmers cultivating paddy and willing to sell their surplus paddy to the State agencies through the PACS. Through this CSM could able to create a digitized database of farmers verified by Bhulekh.

Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) involves in protecting the country’s agriculture from pests and diseases and assures on the quality of agricultural inputs and produce Seed Certification is a part of the entire process and is well defined by practice and law in the country. To make it more robust a is developing a comprehensive Seed Certification and Plant Variety Protection system so that the seed export and import process of various regions can be centrally managed & coordinated.

Integrated Tea Trading System allows data capture of tea from dispatch at the factory/producer to release of tea after payment of tea has been done integrates the process starting from the creation of invoices till the delivery of tea from the warehouses, enabling better control and avoiding duplication of work thus reducing time.

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Solutions to plug inaccuracies and subterfuges in the weighing and measuring processes of large food distribution systems that involves public and government systems.

With an overarching ambition to achieve transparency in the distribution process and ensure entitlements to rightful beneficiaries of the National Food Security Act, the end to end computerization of the public distribution system was taken up as a priority project. This covers automation of the supply chain, dynamic management (addition/deletion) of ration card beneficiaries and automation of fair price shops.

The Paddy Procurement Automation System) is an innovation that has increased the efficiency of farm to market linkage in Odisha. This system involves to end computerization of the paddy procurement and . This web based application enables transactions at a PACS in both online and offline mode.

Digital solutions for seeding, assimilation and correlation of organic and inorganic citizen/resident’s data from multiple database for authentication and ensuring benefit delivery to the last mile.

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