The travel, tourism and hospitality sector is often hailed as one of the most progressive and inclusive industries. Nations across the globe are focusing on tourism development and promotion as a method of sustainable economic diversification. The industry induces multiplier effects on other sectors such as infrastructure transportation, drives consumption of services offered in a particular destination supports employment generation. In 2019, it contributed directly and indirectly 9.25 trillion USD to the global economy. Strategically, both public and private sector stands to benefit from the foreign exchange earning potential of a thriving tourism sector.

Driving phenomenal growth in this sector is today's traveler who is connected, social, mobile & discerning. Amid the noise around plethora of travel choices on the internet, the traveler today seeks something that helps "break the clutter" and offer personalized experiences. And this is where technology has opened up multiple avenues to make the traveler journey seamless. From 360 degree AR / VR experiences to AI enabled travel assistants, the potential for tech in discovery, planning & purchase of tourism offerings is limitless.

At CSM, we are invested in partnering with tourism development agencies for the digital transformation of the sector. We leverage digital experience platforms to assist travelers in exploring & experiencing the best a destination & its people have to offer. Managing rich multimedia content, using big data to extract visitor insights & creating targeted campaigns on web & social on our platform has proved its merit in solidifying a unified digital Identity for tourism brands. 


In addition, our digital tourism solutions are built to ensure active participation by stakeholders i.e. travel & tour operators, hotels, restaurants & other service providers. Ultimately, our larger goal is to enable a vibrant tech empowered tourism ecosystem that serves as the key to providing the best experience to travellers. 


Where technology has opened up multiple avenues to make the traveler journey seamless.

CSM’s stakeholder aggregator portal is specially designed for tourism development agencies to encourage stakeholder participation & generate business opportunities for the local tourism economy.

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CSM’s social media management is a broad extension of its core expertise in the digital sphere. This consists of a whole range of services starting from account management & maintenance, content creation to curation, analytics & insights; thus completing a full circle.

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The platform helps in amplifying your digital presence aligned towards business output by managing the communication channels, customizing content, supporting interaction across various digital media ...

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