Land is a scarce asset. Amidst multiple competing demands on earth’s habitable land, it becomes critical to optimally utilize land assets for industrialization and expansion of cities. In order to ensure sustainable land use for the welfare of the community at large, Governments worldwide enforce a certain number of regulations on businesses. This explains why permits for clearing lands by cutting down trees or clearances for a specific amount of groundwater extraction are sanctioned to industries by concerned authorities.

On the other hand, it is equally important for governments to generate demand for land from potential investors. This is possible when investors are confident of facing minimum hassles in land management i.e. finding an ideal plot, constructing buildings & managing expansion. Technology creates multiple avenues to achieve a congenial investment environment where ease of doing business is balanced with sustainability of growth.


CSM offers a gamut of ICT based systems in this InfraTech space that provide a hassle free experience to investors seeking to set up or expand a business at a particular destination. Such paperless & contactless systems substantially increase efficiency and transparency in the functioning of the regulatory environment.

The solution suite focuses on the following aspects:

  • Identify approvals, permits & NOCs that need to be sanctioned to industries in a transparent & time bound manner. 
  • Improve the various interaction between government departments, development authorities, industries and the community. 
  • Bring about operational excellence, provide information on demand to build good governance practices. 
  • Bring about transparency and accountability in operations of the various bodies that manage greenfield or brownfield projects. 
  • Enable the inspection & compliance regimes to achieve a balance between the interests of businesses and community.

The InfraTech solutions at CSM are based on agile methodology and cater to the demands of various stakeholders. We work with city governments, land developers and large green field project teams to ensure ease of doing business and unlock the investment potential of a destination.


Solutions in the domain of Land and Industry are based on agile methodology and cater to the need-based requirement of the issue at hand. Our suite of end-to-end solutions and project management are for investor facilitation and Green field projects ensuring ease of doing business.

The system is a one of its kind tool that takes care of all the parameters of building plan starting from multiple levels approvals, monitoring to certification. All the process are automated with a unique mix of technology to bring in ease for the stakeholders.

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The system provides all the information vital for planning, managing and monitoring of CSR under one unified platform facilitating implementing agencies & financial institution to strategically invest in the social development projects. It is beneficial to prioritize the existing needs and understand the challenges to mobilize resources.

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The smart solution helps in gathering, managing and analyzing data related to inspection. This facilitates all the stakeholders in translating the data into cost effective decisions for an efficient compliance and quality management.

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The system facilitates customers and investors to get approvals and update their plans easily through an automated workflow saving lot of time and effort in visiting different departments. The product is built to complete the loop, in conjunction with the land allotment system in the land and industry suite.

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The system that streamlines the whole process of managing land resources to meet the need of land holding agencies, townships and industrials complexes. The paperless end- to end solution is highly customizable and modular in its approach. The customer friendly dashboard ensures transparency both for the agencies and their clients.

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A one-stop solution for investor facilitation which takes care of all required services during the investment life cycle of a project. The system enables to improve your Ease of Doing Business ranking through a time-bound, paperless and transparent process.

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